DEPArray 介紹

The new DEPArray NxT Graphical User interface (GUI) is intuitive and simple.
DEPArray™ technology combines the power of microelectronics with the [...]
全新DEPArray NxT分選細胞平臺,桌上型規格節省空間; 精確分離目標細胞,純度100%,獲得後續二代測序準確資訊 ; [...]
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DEPArray CTC應用

CLIA Validation of DEPArray to Overcome Limitations Associated with [...]


DEPArray FFPE application allows you to resolve heterogeneity in FFPE [...]

DEPArray Forensic應用

法醫鑑定物證時,常因為物證稀少而使得鑑定難度增加。另外,鑑定性侵案時,若能分離精子和其他細胞,可以獲得更準確的定序結果。 Syracuse [...]
雪城大學應用DEPArray改善法醫樣本處理流程。 [...]